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      各種熱處理 、各種表面處理、表面改質處理



      Company NameKunshan Dowa Thermo Furnace Co., Ltd.
      Company TypeDOWA heat treatment technology co. ltd.
      Set UpJuly 26, 2010.
      PlaceNo.298 Jiguang South Road Shipu, Qiandeng
      CapitalUS$21 million
      ChairmanTAMURA AKIO
      Managing DirectorNODA TOMOHIRO
      Number of practitioners100 (January 2020 now)
      Business Content○ Industrial furnace business: Design, manufacture, sale and maintenance of various heat treatment equipment
      ※ DOWA's first overseas manufacturing base in the industrial furnace business
      ○ Heat treatment and processing business: various heat treatments, various surface treatments, Modification
      ※DOWA is the third overseas heat treatment base of the heat treatment business

      Kunshan Dowa Thermo Furnace Co., Ltd is a foreign venture established by DOWA Thermotech Co., Ltd—One of the top heat treatment equipment manufacturers in Japan, solely-invested foreign-owned enterprises, has been in its operation in Kunshan, Jiangsu in 2011.

      Our production is used for Automobile, Construction Machinery, Aeronautics & Astronautics, Wind-power generation, Bearing, Hardware and so on. And we provide the high-appearance, extended heat treating equipment with premium quality and reasonable price for various heat treatment requirements.

      We integrated the masterly manufacturing technologies of DOWA to provide our customer overall service of heat treatment system including after service and technical consulting service rather than merely manufacturing and sales of heat treatment equipment.


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