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      各種熱處理 、各種表面處理、表面改質處理


      After Service

      Equipment Maintenance

      Up to now, DOWA brand equipment, total more than 4000 sets of sales worldwide.

      With regard to after-sales service, tonghe heat treatment technology co., ltd. is currently in Japan (5 positions), and the United States, Thailand and Indonesia have after-sales service positions. In the same way, we will also set up the after-sales service.

      In the same and heat treatment, the service and maintenance department is called "Plant Engineering", which means "Plant engineer" to share any heat treatment problems with customers.

      "From emergency maintenance to preventive maintenance" is the service tenet of our company. We will provide customers with the most appropriate equipment update plan with the latest technology.

      After Service

      Provide regular equipment maintenance support as well as proposals for improving facilities

      Give maintenance training with the heat treatment equipment in technical center

      Supply maintenance products by local procurement instead of


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