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      各種熱處理 、各種表面處理、表面改質處理



      Position: Electrical Design.

      1. College or above degree or equivalent, major in electrical design is preferred;
      2, familiar with relevant specification standards and drawing specifications of electrical design;
      3, proficient in CAD, mitsubishi PLC GOT knowledge, programmable control gas, capable of completing strong and weak electric construction drawings;
      4, can cooperate with on-site construction technical guidance;
      5, cheerful, responsible, teamwork spirit, able to work under certain pressure;
      6, relevant working experience is preferred.

      Position: Japanese Interpreter.

      1. At least 2 years of relevant working experience in Japanese, with experience in equipment manufacturing and chemical (heat treatment) factory translation;
      2, responsible for translation of company documents;
      3, responsible for the on-site translation of the Japanese staff inside the company;
      4. Work in other departments;
      5, can adapt to business trip.

      Position: Japanese Business Sales.

      1. Fluent in Japanese;
      2. business experience of Japanese enterprises for more than 2 years;
      3. understand international trade;
      4. mechanical knowledge is preferred.

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